Overall Team Leaderboard

The Team Leaderboard showcases all the current teams on Walker Tracker. This leaderboard will be updated monthly and uses the average of physical activity from the teams. You can still create your team by going to healthykingsport.walkertracker.com

15,000+ Average Team Steps
TeamProtokraft- Not affiliated
10,000-15,000 Average Team Steps
Sullivan County Dept Education- Not affiliated
These shoes were made for walkingEastman
Five Alive Walking WarriorsWellmont Health System
BAE SystemsBAE
Grandpa and the Flying Ponies- Not affiliated
Walk Miles in my Shoes- Not affiliated
A Double Dose of Dowda- Not affiliated
Mighty Morphin Power WalkersWellmont Health System
All Star
5,000-10,000 Average Team Steps
step it upWellmont Health System
The Stompers- Not affiliated
B-267 SteppersEastman
Thighs on FireWellmont Health System
SMBJ KIDDOSSt. Dominic's Church
CE DivisionEastman
644 is in IT to Thin it!Food City
Rx646fortheWINFood City
HVMC PharmacyWellmont Health System
The Night MoversWellmont Health System
GBCGreat Body Company
pharmacy852techFood City
Fitness friends- Not affiliated
Lively StepperCity of Kingsport
Dashing DivasSullivan County Health Dep
PACU ProwlersWellmont Health System
Sweating for SweetsKingsport Chamber
FC895.WeStriveFood City
Team Work It- Not affiliated
Nerd Herd- Not affiliated
Reveal the Real YouHealthy Kingsport
Young SaintsSt. Dominic's Church
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kingsport- Not Affiliated
Between a Walk and a Hard PaceHealthy Kingsport
Fab 5TempurPedic
HVMC Emergency DepartmentWellmont Health System
Huffing HikersWellmont Health System
Fab Tech's !Speed!TempurPedic
Merchandising TeamFood City
Kennedy's RamblersKingsport City Schools
Sweet TreatsWellmont Health System
Heart MendersWellmont Health System
SistersMountain States
Infomation TechnologyTempurPedic
Special's LadiesWellmont Health System
Traumatic StruttersWellmont Health System
FitwitsIndian Path
What's that smell?...PUTempurPedic
Prescription for SuccessWellmont Health System
Road Runners AssemblyTempurPedic
The Walking SchedulersWellmont Health System
SCAD Coalition TeamSullivan County Health Dep
DB Math DepartmentKingsport City Schools
MarshWalkersWellmont Health System
Fast and FuriousEastman
OldfolkSt. Dominic's Church
SCSOSullivan County Health Dep
Pergatory PathfindersSt. Dominic's Church
Product EngineeringTempurPedic
Walk It Like It's HotKingsport Chamber
Belly Bailout
Le Tour de FinanceCity of Kingsport
Team EdinburghHealthy Kingsport
Food City616 CrewFood City
Corporate1@Work Personnel Services
Spirit WalkersSt. Dominic's Church
Tenn-ginia 2 be thinyaWellmont Health System
SlackersWellmont Health System
HVMC Pharmacy 2Wellmont Health System
Health RaisersWellmont Health System
BRMC Pre-Op WalkersWellmont Health System
Fun RacersWellmont Health System
Laboratory of DeceptionWellmont Health System
Kingsport Theatre Guild- Not affiliated
We Like To Move ItSt. Jude
Tech WalkersEastman
The boysKingsport Chamber
2FatCatz- Not affiliated
Team anyone- Not affiliated
Rotary Club of KingsportRotary of Kingsport
Red Hot Chili SteppersWellmont Health System
Fast Feet Therapist !Wellmont Health System
Super TroopersTempurPedic
IJustCreatedATeamSoThatICouldJoinWellmont Health System
St JudeSt. Jude
Path FindersIndian Path
Kingsport BMACity of Kingsport
Sassy by SummerWellmont Health System
NICU baby steppersWellmont Health System
Teacher Creatures!St. Dominic's Church
W3 NursingWellmont Health System
Roan is Life (Roan Staff)Roan Scholars
Crazy 5TempurPedic
The Crew from 252Food City
Making StridesWellmont Health System
BRMC Gas PassersWellmont Health System
Happy FeetBank of Tennessee
Fabulous Factoring Fitness FanaticsKingsport City Schools
The Four Horsemen plus OneWellmont Health System
The SlackersTempurPedic
644 LightningFood City
Game ChangersWellmont Health System
The Funky 5 Fitness FreaksBank of Tennessee
Holy WalkamoliesWellmont Health System
Heart and SolesWellmont Health System
0-5,000 Average Team Steps
funwalk- Not affiliated
SMBJ PLUSSt. Dominic's Church
Gump walkingWellmont Health System
AP DivasFood City
Walking by FaithFirst Baptist Church
609 Sugar ShakersFood City
Winded WalkersWellmont Health System
Gym Class HeroesFood City
Walkers of ExcellenceWellmont Health System
Global PETempurPedic
Data BabesWellmont Health System
AdamsColtsKingsport City Schools
Pimp My StrideFood City
Parking Lot Patrol (Election Ladies)UT Extension
Grannies on the Move- Not affiliated
Raising a Little HealthWellmont Health System
Mamas on a Mission- Not affiliated
The Luke SkywalkersEastman
maintenance godsTempurPedic
Dominic's DamesSt. Dominic's Church
A Walk to Remember- Not affiliated
The Beaten Path TroddersEastman
"Sole" Sisters- Not affiliated
DKA Power Pack- Not affiliated
Marsh WarriorsWellmont Health System
677 High SteppinFood City
DBHS CTEKingsport City Schools
Kingsport Town Planner- Not affiliated
DownsizingBank of Tennessee
Let's Get FiscalHolston Medical Group
purple penguinsFood City
Chataworths#FINESTFood City
AOOC Healthy HeartsAbingdon Olive Oil Co.
The Walking Dead LK Edition- Not affiliated
Bookin' Babes- Not affiliated
Leadership 2City of Kingsport
Thomas walkers- Not affiliated
Lighten Up!Bank of Tennessee
The Powerpuff GirlsTempurPedic
fcgalFood City
Southern DiscomfortBank of Tennessee
Team603Food City
BIG RED COUNTRY- Not affiliated
The Chill PillsWellmont Health System
UnitedHealthCare- Not affiliated
Holey WalkamoliesBank of Tennessee
Walk OnSullivan County Health Dep
Eastman FinanceEastman
KC SteppersKingsport Chamber
Urgent CareWellmont Health System
Run Like The WindedBank of Tennessee
Steppin' upGreater Kingsport YMCA
774Food CityFood City
Legen (wait for it) dairy!KHRA Wellness@Work
The Hot Steppers- Not affiliated
First Broad Street United Methodist Chur- Not affiliated
The Rump ShakersWellmont Health System
ETSU Graduate Students Walkin' ClubETSU
NursesForFitnessKingsport City Schools
Pop, Lock and Walk It!Holston Medical Group
Wilcox WalkersEastman Credit Union
HR Friends with BenefitsEastman Credit Union
young chicks and tough old birdsWellmont Health System
Thank God for Rocky TopHealthy Kingsport
Leadership 1City of Kingsport
Solid as a Walk- Not affiliated
Bookin' Babes 2- Not affiliated
Loudon StepsFood City
BlountVegas RocksEastman Credit Union
Russellville Office@Work Personnel Services
Critical Care Code RunnersWellmont Health System
Feisty FiveIndian Path
Walking for Babies- Not affiliated
Run Your HasselhoffMountain States
Public Health PosseSullivan County Health Dep
Hearts on FireWellmont Health System
Global Chemical AnalyticsTempurPedic
Healthy ChicksWellmont Health System
The WalkaboutsIndian Path
Los amigosSt. Dominic's Church
Sullivan SteppersSullivan County Health Dep
Cumberland MarketingCumberland Marketing
Baby I Was Born to RunSt. Dominic's Church
The Cast-A-WeighsBank of Tennessee
Flight CrewFlight Athletic Academy
AccountaholicsFood City
Food CityFood City
HVMC pharmacy 4Wellmont Health System
Walking_On_SunshineWellmont Health System
Never Admit de FeetKHRA Wellness@Work
Sweet Feet of Louis StreetCity of Kingsport
Holston Valley Dead WeightWellmont Health System
TN AvengersEastman Credit Union
Nana walkersWellmont Health System
Sugarless 5Bank of Tennessee
BrainiacsBRMCWellmont Health System
Healthy Me KPTHealthy Kingsport
Rockford PeachesSullivan County Health Dep
The ForgottenTempurPedic
Divas on the moveHealing Hands
Roll ModelsBank of Tennessee
Winners and LosersBank of Tennessee
Tennessee TrekkersWellmont Health System
Literally a TeamSt. Paul's Church
HVMC Pharmacy 3Wellmont Health System
Avengers Assemble to Walk- Not affiliated
The Carmel TrekkersEastman Credit Union
Flower PowerFood City
NathansWellmont Health System
Washington WanderersKingsport City Schools
I'd Rather Be Hiking-Not Affiliated
The Planners (Planning Dept)City of Kingsport
Tempur A TeamTempurPedic
Store 252Food City
Pretty BananasWellmont Health System
Tootsie RollersBank of Tennessee
DADS and MOMSSt. Dominic's Church
Sole Sisters@Work Personnel Services
Just keep walking!Holston Medical Group
Thinning the HerdBank of Tennessee
Team BegleyEastman
#TeamHubbard605Food City
Walk for Life!Holston Medical Group
Running on EmptyWellmont Health System
Rec-TrekkersKingsport Parks & Rec
Cruisin' For Losin'Abingdon Olive Oil Co.
Corner CrewEastman Credit Union
Mountain View MoversWellmont Health System
AOOC Healthy HabitsAbingdon Olive Oil Co.
wackywalkersWellmont Health System
Boot ScootersIndian Path
Valley Girls RX616Food City
Wilcox WarriorsEastman Credit Union
Wellness TeamGreater Kingsport YMCA
Wellmont Health SystemWellmont Health System
Team ASCKingsport City Schools
Fiscal!!Bank of Tennessee
Boonsue Clan- Not affiliated
The Tervis Tumbleweeds- Not affiliated
Girls Inc of KingsportGirls Inc. of Kingsport
Donut Get In Our WayBank of Tennessee
Walker Texas Rangers- Not affiliated
Cumberland Marketing 2Cumberland Marketing
Come Dream With Us!Wellmont Health System
ECU Ops Across the StateEastman Credit Union
Bays Mountain ParkCity of Kingsport
Better Than NothingGreater Kingsport YMCA
Mean Street PosseKHRA Wellness@Work
Admin WalkersHolston Medical Group
The Walking DeadHolston Medical Group
Fiesta FiveMountain States
BRMC WaddlersWellmont Health System
Kingsport Atwork Personnel@Work Personnel Services
Walking for WellnessHealing Hands
Rocky Top WalkaboutsBank of Tennessee
Pink PowerFood City
Oh Kale NoBank of Tennessee
BOT Fit for LifeBank of Tennessee
Downtown Kingsport Association- Not affiliated
The Chain GangWellmont Health System
Highway to HealthFood City
Northeast PacersKingsport Academic Village
MakeGreeneLeanWellmont Health System
Sole SistasKHRA Wellness@Work
Pronation Nation- Not affiliated
The ProclaimersWellmont Health System
volsrocksWellmont Health System
D-B EXCELeratorsKingsport City Schools
Southern Walk- Not affiliated
slab foamersTempurPedic
WellmontEmployeesWellmont Health System
The Bristol BanditsBank of Tennessee
DiscoverStevia.com- Not affiliated
Rx747Food City
Chubby No MoresWellmont Health System
Walk this WayWellmont Health System
BaconslugginBank of Tennessee
Tennessee HeelsUT Extension
The Fabulous 5Bank of Tennessee
Bytha's BoppersKHRA Wellness@Work
Reynold's Rabble RousersBank of Tennessee
ETSU Walk the Talk ClubETSU
Blonde BombshellsIndian Path
Masters of MeanderingBank of Tennessee
Bays Mountain Park 2City of Kingsport
The Night Owl StridersWellmont Health System
Wic WalkersSullivan County Health Dep
Sisters on the MoveEastman Credit Union
Johnny's CrewKHRA Wellness@Work
I’m Gonna Be... Da lat da Da lat daFood City
Consumer Lending CrawlersEastman Credit Union
LRC Traversing TrainersEastman Credit Union
For the Good of IT!Eastman Credit Union
Creaky BonesSt. Dominic's Church
The Pugilistic GreenmenKHRA Wellness@Work
The RavineEastman Credit Union
Half-Century Reinventors- Not affiliated
Sugar ShakersIndian Path
Everyone accepted- Not affiliated
HVMC Level 1Wellmont Health System
Take a hike!! ClubKGBC
Blue Suede ShoesHealthy Kingsport
Walk for JesusWellmont Health System
Colonial Heights Christian ChurchColonial Heights Church
Bays Mountain Park 3City of Kingsport
Risk-e BusinessEastman Credit Union
GAAM- Not affiliated
BravenHealthy Kingsport
Angel MakersFlight Athletic Academy
Healthy Habits- Not affiliated

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